About Edison Price Lighting


Edison Price Lighting has designed and manufactured high-quality architectural lighting fixtures since 1952. Our team includes Research & Development, Metrology, Customer Sales Service, Customer Service, Technical Sales, and Manufacturing.

Located in Long Island City, NYC, Edison Price Lighting is proudly 'Made in USA'. Our 60,000-square-foot facility includes our office, full-scale factory, testing lab, and the Edison Price Lighting Gallery.  You're invited to take a tour!

Our company is ideally sized to be both reliable and flexible. We are large enough to operate a fully-equipped metal-working factory, yet small enough to communicate quickly, work efficiently, cross-train our employees, and modify products.




We are the only specification-grade architectural lighting company to offer a complete line of recessed- and track-mounted luminaires.


Our extensive catalog also includes track lighting systems, wall grazing systems, and optical accessories. Each product line offers a variety of:

  • mounting styles: track, recessed, install-from-below, surface- mounted, and more.
  • functions: downlights, wallwashers, wallgrazers, object lights, spotlights, combination downlight/wallwashers, and more.

Our lighting systems are known for:

  • low brightness apertures, thanks to precisely designed cross-baffles, ring-baffles, or specialty-painted housing interiors. 
  • innovative design. Our Artima LED/5 and APlus families were selected for the IES 2015 Progress Report
  • long lifetimes, thanks to durable materials and serviceable designs. 
  • efficiency, as seen in our highly efficient, open-aperture O LH track fixtures.  
  • elegant aesthetics. Clean lines and low-brightness apertures help our fixtures unobtrusively blend into the architecture.




Our installations span a variety of industries, interior design styles, and locations. We have lit over 400 museums and galleries, as well as offices, residences, academic buildings, and more.

Our lighting systems can be modified for installation in challenging interiors. For example, our PAR38s were modified with LED uplights, and now illuminate the nave of Yale’s Sterling Memorial Library.

Edison Price Lighting illuminates interiors around the country -- and the world. We are represented in North America by over 60 manufacturer's representatives with a total of 100 branch offices. Working with our international manufacturing partners and representatives, we have decades of experience manag projects abroad. 


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